5 Best Ways To Find Free Problem Solution Essay Samples

In a problem solution paper, the writer will explain an existing problem, convince the audience that this issue needs a solution, explain the proposed remedy, then convince the audience that the idea is the best, and lastly the writer will argue down any possible objections that might arise. Writing this essay can be very tricky, so you will want to look at examples for modeling. Once you find models, consider using these steps as you progress:

  • Pick an idea
  • Make a list of issues concerning this idea or this topic
  • Then look for a solution to your issues
  • Doing all of this will be the prefect prewriting tasks

Now, you want to find some models for mirroring. You can go to several places in order to find samples:

  • Visit your teacher- I taught English and I know that most English teachers have a special folder. In that folder you will find many samples of the best papers that were submitted to the teacher. These samples will be of all types of writing. Your teacher will probably not let you take them out of the room, but will let you study them and possibly take pictures of them. Ask your teacher if her or she has such a folder.
  • Look in the library-head to the reference section of your library immediately. Ask the media specialist if he or she has books of published essays. There should be several books to pick from to use. If this in not in your library, most attendants will take book order requests or move books from other libraries upon request.
  • Ask a writing company –you may find part of an example problem solution essay at a writing company site, but you will not find the whole thing. The company will not give away work, but let you sample enough to be tempted. However, the writing company service does not cost much at all, so consider hiring one for your entire essay needs.

This is a complex essay to write. You will want to look at samples. When you seek out the best ones to scan, you can visit your teacher, look in the reference section of the library, or hire a writing company. One or all of these places can supply the models you need in order to write this challenging piece.

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