The Best Way To Create A Proper Discursive Essay About Friendship

Writing a discursive essay is a little more complicated than writing just any essay because it includes more guidelines and rules. The essay itself does not need to be difficult; it’s just important to embrace the style of a discursive essay in its true form and make sure you understand what to do and how to go about writing one.

The main definition of a discursive essay is a formal piece that discusses a certain issue or problem. Usually, what they mean by formal is the tone and what person you’re writing in because you cannot be as casual as you usually would be if you were writing a standard essay. Here are some of our best tips for writing this type of piece.

  • Don’t write in the first person – Writing in the first person means that you are writing things like, “in my opinion,” or “I think that,” or “I support.” Writing like this takes away from the formality of the paper and is what mainly separates it from being an argumentative essay. You will only really be presenting an issue from one side and talking about certain things that are for or against it.
  • Start strong – As with any paper, you should strive to make a solid introduction. With a discursive essay, you will often want to point out why this subject is important and relevant to current issues. This is a great space for you to provide great context to lead into your arguments. Make it short and to the point, though, the introduction shouldn’t ramble or be too long.
  • Organize well – the organization of the supporting statements and paragraphs that follow your introduction should be in the same order they are brought up or stated in the introduction. If one point builds upon another point, then you will logically want to place that paragraph or argument after you have already stated its base argument.
  • Summarize and predict – Since you are preferably talking about a current issue, it is encouraged to end with a prediction or forecast of what may or may not happen depending on the arguments and information you have presented. You can put your opinion in at this point but make sure that it is unbiased and professional.

If you take away nothing else from these points, make sure to remember that this type of essay should be formal and well organized. For more information and help on this topic, you can try this site.

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