Essential Elements Of A Strong Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essays are made as a requirement for students in order to sharpen their identifying and analytic skills. If you’re a student who finds it quite difficult to putting together a paper like this, you have found the right spot. These are the elements that will help you create a strong paper that will not only pass but ace at the task.

Defining the Assigned Task

A good Compare and Contrast Essay begins with the definition of your assignment. Define the concepts given to you. For example:

Realistic Fiction is a genre of literature that highlights depictions of people, animals, and plants that seem true to life but are based on the imagination of the author. Historical Fiction, on the other hand, is a genre of literature based on the true lives of people or true events of the past but have fictional content.

If you are to describe a movie or a book, summarize it. It is advisable not to mix your opinion in the summary. You may reserve your insights for your argument.

Making the Argument

Brainstorm on ideas that help you think about why your assignment has similarities and differences. Reflecting on the causes of these similarities and differences is also a good exercise. Jot all of your ideas down then formulate your main argument like so:

The book and movie versions of “Benjamin Button” are alike because they both tell the tale of the strange man in each twist in the plot and its heart-warming characters.

Filling in the Details

A Compare and Contrast Essay is not complete without description. Choose situations in the book, movie, or event you are assigned to. These situations are usually highlights of the plot or important details in the events. Describe each situation by summarizing them. Afterward, you can how the situations are similar or the other way around. Here is another sample:

In the 1920s, people loved to party to jazz and go out to Broadway see ballets. They drank heavily on wine and beer. Today it is still the same in some clubs. Lovers still sway to saxophone players and hold hands in movie theaters. The big difference is that people of today often share their experiences through higher technology like social media websites while in the 1920s they would do so through telegraphs.

Defining the assignment, making the argument, and filling the details are essential parts of a Compare and Contrast Essay. Once you get a good grasp of what your assignment is, you will be able to think about a good thesis and go from there!

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