7 Good Ideas For Writing A Winning One-Page Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay is a kind of essay that discusses something (person, place, or a thing) in detail. It explains the scene so vividly that one could create the whole picture in his mind. It includes all five senses. The key to write a descriptive essay is to explain everything in this much detail that the reader could visualize it. Following are some useful points that one should consider while writing.

Using five senses

The five senses would help the reader to feel and visualize the scene properly. For example,

Touch: The material was very smooth, the statue was made of hard rock and I felt rough when I touched it.

Smell: I could smell the rain drops falling on the cement, they had a distinct smell, and you could tell it was the rain settling down the dust.

Sound: I could hear heavy steps coming to me and I only turned around to see the security guard heading towards me.

Sight: one can easily spot the crown made of clay on top of the statue.

Taste: I bought some pop corns on my way home, they were very tasty.

Recalling the incident will help you in writing more clearly. Try to create the picture of the incident first in your head than in the reader’s.

Include additional details like time, price or quality.

Be more poetic

Be more expressive, like I could smell the beautiful fragrance of bright white jasmine and yellow lilies. The entire park was covered with these beautiful flowers and fountains.

Choose the topic carefully

Always go for a topic that has your interest. It could be a physical place, dream, personality, emotion, idea or an accident. It all goes around your imagination and observation.


Conclusion is the last part so it should be very precise and should contain all of the points that you discussed in the five paragraphs. One should also write the thesis statement in this paragraph.

Other important hints include:

  • Provide an accurate thesis statement as it is the extract of the essay and it is going to tell your reader your statement
  • Add realistic details like facts and statistical details
  • Arrange the details and outlines for all 5 paragraphs
  • Write topic sentences at the beginning of every paragraph
  • Give headings and sub headings
  • Describe the sensory details
  • Use adjectives, metaphors and similes

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