The Negative Impacts Of Global Warming On The Economy

Its first quarter of the year and moderate to mild cold weather is expected but as sooner as March is approaching, we’ve been experiencing unusual changes in our climate especially in the tropical countries like Philippines.

We had been into issues of global warming and its negative impacts to our environment and economy. Dialogues and international forums were also conducted in the effort to combat at least its complications and direct effects in our agricultural, manufacturing and ecological diversities.

To enumerate some of the negative effects of global warming, the following are some of the noted situations. As one evident effects of global warming, the early entry of El Nino Phenomenon in the Equatorial Regions which started early October 2015 and supposedly lasted until January 2016 had left cracked agricultural fields in some areas in the Philippines. It had been a burden for the farmers to continue working on rice or crop fields without continuous source of water for irrigation purposes. As a result, supply and demand of the product is usually altered causing unpredictable inflation rates.

Increase in temperature as one effect of global warming is also expected this 2016, this is according to the prediction from the NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Director, Tom Karl. Recently, sometime in January, there was an unusual dropped in the temperature which was recorded in some areas of Hong Kong, Turkey, USA and other countries which experienced huge snowfalls and frosting that were not normally felt until that day. In this situation, private manufacturing companies may have the choice to suspend some works which also affect their profits. Experts had associated these phenomena with the wind coming from the Siberian glaciers. The melting status of the Siberian glaciers brought by global warming may likely cause some rise in the level of rivers and seas. For big time entrepreneurs, these effects may have a minimal or unnoticeable gap on their economic status. But for some small scale businessmen specially farmers and those who are engaged in agro-industrial works, the effects of global warming are threatening to their everyday life and sometimes cause stagnation or closing of business. To increase the awareness of the whole nation about the negative effects of global warming, the information dissemination program is strongly suggested to be prioritized not only through flyers but also be synchronized during TV commercials. The advocate on the reuse and recycle for plastic containers and products is one way to lessen the effect of global warming. Some Regions in the Philippines initiated the Tree Planting Program for a couple who wishes to marry which is a pre-requisite before issuing their marriage license.

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