Popular Informative Essay Topics: 20 Great Suggestions

An informative essay is meant to educate your audience regarding a certain topic or idea. If you have the freedom to choose the subject, you can create a complex paper that you will enjoy writing. There are many issues you can explore, depending on your interest and the requirements of your professor. Whatever you choose, for this kind of essay is crucial to make active research and to present valid information. Here are some great suggestions for your paper:

  1. Global Warming. This phenomenon accelerated in the last years due to excessive pollution. Present the consequences and some viable solutions to stop it.
  2. Noise pollution. Even if many people don’t realize, living in a city where the noise is present at all times can affect us on long term and cause problems like insomnia, anxiety or depression.
  3. Nutrition. Since so many children are obese, there is an obvious need for nutritional education in schools. Analyze the most important principles of a healthy diet.
  4. Human rights. Even if, theoretically, every human should have access to a number of things, in some parts of the world even food is a luxury.
  5. Allergies. Why do people have allergies especially in the spring? How do they appear in our body and how can we keep them away?
  6. Plastic surgery. This is one of the most developed industries in the last century. Is this due to the image of a perfect woman that the media is promoting?
  7. Wearing uniforms. Some teachers say that this is a way to keep the students at the same level, while students say that uniforms take away their individuality.
  8. The selling of organs. Even if some people say that it is not moral, this can be a way to stop organ traffic and to give a new chance for people in need.
  9. ADHD. This condition is difficult to diagnose in children, and many of them spend their childhood without a proper diagnostic.
  10. Discrimination. What seems to be as a simple thing can affect, in long term, not only individuals but an entire community.
  11. Immigrants. Most of the countries welcome them, under certain circumstances, but all countries have rough requirements when these people want to work.
  12. Homosexuality. Nowadays, the sexuality is not a taboo anymore. However, many countries still refuse to legalize same-sex marriage.
  13. Adoption. Can it have a negative impact on the child? How can the government be sure that the kid is safe with his new family?
  14. Death penalty. Many people object against this bringing religious arguments, but it is still applied when it comes to horrific murders.
  15. Down syndrome. How does the society perceive these patients? Are they integrated with groups like any other person?
  16. Anorexia. The media is promoting a wrong image when it comes to the perfect body, which leads many teenagers to adopt extreme diets.
  17. Genetic diseases. We can prevent, or at least delay these diseases if we detect them early by creating our genetic profile.
  18. Marijuana consumption. It is very common among teenagers, and although the substance itself is not dangerous, it can easily be a temptation for real drugs.
  19. Vegetarians. Many studies show that we need to consume meat in order to be healthy, but there are many people that adopted a vegetarian diet.
  20. Domestic violence. How can we prevent it and how common it is in your country?

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