List Of Interesting Informative Essay Writing Prompts For Elementary School

If you are tasked with writing an informative essay in elementary school you have to pick a great writing prompt. But what makes a writing prompt great?

A great prompt is something that helps you to learn the skills you need to write an expository paper. The informative paper is an expository paper and it is a lifelong skill that you will use the matter what grade you're in. Some of the prompts ask you to explain something such as why eating good food is important while others might ask you to explain why you believe something.

Finding the perfect essay topic can be very challenging which is why you should review the list below and see if any of the potential ideas strike you as something you might want to cover. It is important to note that these are only meant as suggestions and you should look for something that is interesting to you personally and then try to brainstorm something original.

  • Explain why your favorite toy is your favorite
  • Explain why kids have to go to school
  • Explain about a time when your mom told you to do something that you didn't want to do but you listened to her anyway
  • Explain who you think is a hero and why
  • Explain five ways you could do a nice thing for someone else
  • Explain what you do if one of your friends got mad at you for something that you didn't actually do
  • Explain a time when you couldn't stop laughing for full minutes and what caused you to laugh so hard
  • Why you have to eat healthy food
  • Explain why sodas are bad for you
  • Explain why your parents won't let you eat too many sugary snacks
  • Explain what job you want to have when you grow up and why you think it's the best job
  • Explain your favorite thing to do when school is over
  • Explain why people celebrate your favorite holiday
  • Explain why students have to follow the rules
  • Think about your best friend and explain why you like them
  • Explain a family tradition you have
  • Describe what you think it is to be a good person
  • Describe what you would do if you were standing in the grocery store and suddenly couldn't find your mom or dad
  • Explain why people use a car or why some people use a train or airplane to travel long distances

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