Political Corruption

Political Corruption is a vice that is eating up many of the countries in the world today. It is the use of power or political influence to have a positive gain. Many nations have tried to fight this vice but have had minimal achievements. This is because political corruption is deeply rooted. I believe that political corruption begins long before the polls. It is not only carried out by the politicians. In fact, most [politicians are just used and may have no direct gains from the forms of political corruption that they may be accused of. Corruption begins from campaign funds and long before candidates announce of their interest for office. This is the main reason I believe governments are controlled by a few individuals and that the political leaders are just ceremonial figures. They are sponsored to get into office under clear terms and agreement. Once in office, they have no power and some other powerful people influence how activities in government are run. Corruption will also be seen in pools. Voter bribery is a form of political corruption. This is why the United States has laws that govern party’s expenditure during campaigns. However, this has not fully achieved in restricting expenditure as parties still get funds from some sources that are not accounted for.

Effects of Political Corruption

Political corruption may lead to many adverse negative effects. The main effect of political and other forms of corruption is that it leads to deterioration of the economy. Corruption leads to losing of public money and resources to few individuals. These few influential people extract natural resources and store money in accounts in foreign banks. This will slow down economic growth and lead to underdevelopment. Politicians also embezzle public funds that are meant to do public projects. Political corruption also leads to criminal enterprises. Such include money laundry, drug trafficking, human trafficking among others. Political corruption will also seek to give favors to those in the leader’s inner circle. People that are not qualified will be appointed to take certain positions.

Preventing Political Corruption

The first way political corruption can be fought by properly vetting all the persons interested in elective public positions. This will eliminate individuals that do not have an agenda. This, however, may fail to yield fruits because the mafias that control politics have a reliable mechanism. They will find candidates that are fit. Such persons will comfortably pass the vetting process, and probably win elections. Once they are in office, they become puppets and can do nothing without consulting their sponsors.

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