20 Attention-Grabbing Argumentative Essay Topics In Nursing

People usually look down upon the nursing profession when compared to studying medicine. What they are unaware of is the importance of capable nurses and the equally tough curriculum they have. Are you one of those people aspiring to become a nurse but currently stuck at finding the perfect topic for your argumentative essay in nursing? Well, it really is not that hard. Look up the latest news on nursing and pick a controversial topic that has ample scope to be argued on. The topic does not necessarily have to be unique. You can spice up a common, clichéd topic by taking up a unique and interesting stance on it.

20 Essay Topics for Nursing Students

Here are a few attention-grabbing suggestions that might appeal to you.

  1. The role of a nurse is more important than that of a doctor.
  2. The impact of nursing vs. the impact of doctors on healthcare services.
  3. The ideal work relationship between a doctor and a nurse vs. the reality.
  4. Are nurses exposed to more health hazards?
  5. How far does the abuse of power of home nurses go?
  6. Is it okay to force nurses to work overtime?
  7. Should government play a part in encouraging men to become nurses?
  8. Is it okay to allow nurses to end the lives of patients with extreme/fatal afflictions?
  9. Is home nursing really safe?
  10. What should be the ideal number of nurses in a hospital?
  11. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medicine?
  12. Nursing is a woman’s job.
  13. Nurses should be paid as much as doctors.
  14. Increased number of working hours has an impact on the work quality of nurses.
  15. The role of nurses in the outcome of patients.
  16. Doctors and nurses should be given a global visa.
  17. It should be mandatory for all nurses in the developed countries to spend 2 years nursing in developing countries to complete their degree.
  18. The profession of nursing is more respectable than that of a doctor.
  19. The sexualisation of the image of a nurse should be banned.
  20. The nursing profession is plagued by racial discrimination.

There are some interesting topics that you can write on. Instead of going for the obvious stance, choose the opposite to make your essay unique. Back your point with real life situations or cases if possible. There is a lot that can be explored.

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