Top 30 Persuasive Essay Topics For 7th Year Students

In persuasive writing, the author tries to convince the reader of the relevance or legitimacy of one subject or idea over another. To achieve this, the author applies logic and reasoning to convince the reader to come around to their way of thinking. For this kind of writing to be successful, the arguments need to be backed up with evidence from trustworthy and impeccable sources.

If you have been assigned a persuasive essay in the 7th grade and are looking for topics, we have 30 of the greatest topics for you. Read on to find out more:

  1. Students can be taught better by watching videos instead of reading books.
  2. Students can learn more by playing sports rather than going to gym class.
  3. Books are old, tablets are gold.
  4. Students should wear whatever they like to school.
  5. Students should be allowed to bring mobile phones to school.
  6. My android phone is better than your iPhone.
  7. It is easier to learn with interactive games than reading books.
  8. Students should not need to learn a foreign language.
  9. Students who speak English at home should not be taught English at school.
  10. No student should be forced to go to the school games.
  11. Student class presidents should have the right to pick the teachers.
  12. Every student should get money for getting a good grade.
  13. Students should not have to pass reading tests.
  14. Students should not be made to study math.
  15. Students should not have to pass exams to graduate to a new class.
  16. Should students be required to study history?
  17. All thirteen year olds should be allowed to vote for who becomes president.
  18. Girls and boys should all play on the same sports teams.
  19. Students’ grades in gym class should not be shown on the final report card.
  20. Should schools insist on serving healthy food at lunch?
  21. Our country does not need a universal healthcare program.
  22. All 11 to 13 year olds should be allowed to download music and movies for free.
  23. There should be free tickets to the movie theater for all students with good grades.
  24. Should students be allowed to listen to music during gym class?
  25. Schools should offer free Wi-Fi to all their students.
  26. Should students be allowed to browse the internet while in class?
  27. There should be no restriction on which sites someone my age can access on the internet.
  28. Parents should also be made to attend gym class once a week.
  29. Students should be allowed to go to McDonald’s for lunch.
  30. All students should be allowed to chew bubblegum during class.

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