Most Effective University-Level Argumentative Essay Topics

In college, you may be tasked with writing an argumentative essay. Choosing a topic may seem difficult. You will want to choose a topic on which you can take a personal stance. Your topic should be both interesting and debatable. You’ll want your topic to be something other people will care about. Here is a list of the most effective university-level argumentative essay topics.

9 Most Effective Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Social media allows for faster, easier contact with loved ones, friends, old classmates, etc. It has also allowed for the faster sharing of positive and negative new stories, information, and personal videos and pictures. Is social media a good invention or bad for society?
  • Facebook allows children as young as 13 to create a profile. How young is too young for Facebook?
  • There is no denying nursing mothers have the right to breastfeed in public. Should nursing mothers be required to wear a nursing cover when nursing in public?
  • Many people believe violence on TV influences more violent behavior. Would more censorship lower crime rates? Would no longer allowing violence on TV lower violent crime?
  • Some parents believe children learn behavior from video games. Are children who play violent video games more likely to become teens and adults who break the law?
  • With more media coverage of gun-violence and mass shooting, some legislatures are pushing for more gun control. Would taking away the Second Amendment right to bear arms reduce gun-related violence?
  • It’s no secret teenagers face sexual pressure every day (from peers, the media, etc.). Should health classes teach about abstinence, safe sex practices, or both?
  • Many schools require students to pass standardized tests as a requirement for graduation. Should standardized testing be used as a requirement for graduation from high school? From college?
  • The federal minimum wage is so low; it does not currently allow a full-time person to make a living wage. Should the federal minimum wage be raised to $15 per hour?
  • Some people believe many welfare recipients use the system to fund their addictions. Should states require drug testing for welfare recipients?
  • Should there be restrictions on what can be bought with welfare cash or food stamps?
  • Anyone in good physical health, somewhat decent credit, and a mostly clean background/medical history can join the military. Should the military conduct psychological examinations prior to enlistment?
  • Sports stars and actors are some of the highest paid people in the country. Should sports and movie stars be paid more than doctors, police officers, and other civil service employees?
  • The cost of college has risen to the point many students cannot afford it. Should college be free for lower middle class and low-income students?
    • This list has many great ideas for effective argumentative essay topics. Even if you do not like any of these topics, they provide a good example of the types of topics you should choose. Once you have chosen your topic, you can get to work!

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