How To Write A Successful Narrative Essay About A Difficult Decision 

A narrative essay is a type of expository writing that is often assigned in high schools and colleges. This assignment is usually based on narrating a writer’s personal experience. For example, students are often asked to write about difficult decisions they had to make. Although the writing prompt is the same, different life situations can be described in this work. The following tricks will help you compose a successful essay on the topic.

  • Choose a story illustrating the theme.
  • What were the most memorable events in your life? When did you have to take a decision that turned out to be utterly difficult for you? It may happen that your parents had to divorce, and you had to choose one of them to remain with. Or, you promised to keep a secret, but, due to some reasons, you decided to reveal it, and it appeared to be a very stressful experience. Pick an event with a manageable plot. It should be narrow and involve a limited number of characters. To create a successful narrative essay, you should fit into the required number of words.

  • Treat your writing as a piece of fiction.
  • Narrative work is more like fiction writing. You should tell a story, and all conventions of storytelling should be included: a plot, a setting, a cast of characters, a climax, and a resolution. In this particular case, a point when you should make your difficult decision will serve as a climax.

  • Show rather than tell.
  • To be successful, you should clearly and vividly describe the setting where the event took place. Add unique details that describe a specific place and a moment you are writing about. However, don’t over describe. It is not necessary to report on every single step you take. Details you use should be relevant to the key theme.

  • Have a rest from formal English.
  • In narrative essays, you are allowed to use slang, idioms, or your usual daily phrases that do not always sound proper from the point of view of literary language. Use this opportunity to quote what you or your characters are saying. Your story should sound true to life, and a choice of words should be realistic.

It will be fairly simple to create a good narrative essay about a difficult decision if you use these tricks to do your assignment. Pick any critical situation from your life on the topic and describe it in such a way as to make your reader track the events and feel what you felt at the moment.

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