Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the greatly contested drugs at the present age. Some view the drug as harmful while others consider it to be a useful substance. Well, proponents of the substance refer to it as medical marijuana. This means the possession, use and/or growing of marijuana solely for purposes of offering medicinal value. All the same, the challenge has always been in the creation of a clear-cut between its use for medical use and abuse by other users.

Why legalize marijuana

Individuals suffering from terminal illness or those suffering from lasting symptoms or painful conditions linked with particular conditions like glaucoma, AIDS, cancer and epilepsy usually ask for medical marijuana as a way of treatment or for relieving pain.

Medical marijuana also referred to as medical cannabis is not different from the conventional marijuana. Marijuana is actually categorized as a “schedule 1 drug” as defined by the federal controlled substances act. This means that it has a chance of being abused, has at present no permissible medical application in America and lastly, does not have an acceptable safety use even in medical supervision.

The big debate on marijuana

It is undeniably that marijuana has caused a stir in many parts of the world and some nations have slowly started to accept it as a substance for use on medical grounds. Therefore, the push for the legalization of medical marijuana seems to be on the rise owing to the supposed benefits that come with its use.

However, some law enforcement individuals and politicians are afraid that the legalization of medical marijuana faces an insurmountable challenge. There have been a lot of grey areas especially in the establishment of the laws that govern the legal use of medical marijuana while at the same time challenging any mishandling of the same.

On a different note, health practitioners who advocate its use and legalization believe that it is important for the treatment of a huge number of medical complications. The issue has always been on the laws governing and controlling the use of medical marijuana – they have constantly been varying and changing along based on geographical regions. Both the state and federal laws consider it a crime to grow, use, sell or be in possession of marijuana. The case has not been exempted even for medical application at least as stipulated by the Supreme Court of the federal government. Despite the controversy, it is important to look at both sides and reach a compromise where medical marijuana can be used for the benefit of all.

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