Choosing The Proper College Essay Format: Useful Tips & Tricks

Are you in the process of writing a college essay, but are not sure what the right way to format it is? Then take the time to learn the top tricks and tips for formatting such a piece- it’s easier than you might think. Having a proper format in place will also increase the ease with which you can write. Therefore, read on for the formatting tips and tricks that are worthwhile to know when composing a college essay.

Conducting The Right Research

Most of the time a writing project will be organized and structured by the information that it needs to contain. Therefore, you should first of all do the research and judging by what information you have the structure of the piece might become evident.

Try to structure each group of information into separate paragraphs, or under different headings. This will allow the reader to easily navigate your piece of work. It will also allow you to maintain a logical flow for your piece of work.

Short Paragraphs

Avoid paragraphs that are 10, 15 or even 20 lines, because long ones can make for difficult reading. Therefore, it is a good idea to stick to short paragraphs, somewhere in the range of 3 to 6 lines is a good target to aim for. Ideally a paragraph should be as short as is required to get a point across. Then when you are making a new point you simply start off a new paragraph.

Use Clear Headings

The use of headings is very important because it allows the reader to clearly see what each section of the project will be about. This means they can skim read to the sections that they find of most interest, or if they want a recap of a certain fact they didn’t understand, then they can easily backtrack.

Don’t be clever with the headings by using flowerily language. Keep the headings to the point, but they must describe the information that’s going to come in the paragraph below.

View Examples

There are a number of websites online where you can view example college essays. By taking a look through a number of these you’ll be able to figure out the kind of structure that can help you get the top grade every single time.

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