Guidelines For Finding A Proofread Example Of A Persuasive Essay

One of the best tips you can ever get regarding your writing skills is to read the work that others have produced. This can give you a fair idea of what your own work should look like and how to get from where you are to where you need to be. Here are a few basic guidelines that can help you in this regard when creating a specific type of paper:

Understand what ‘persuasion’ means

If you have difficulty telling this type of writing from argumentative, it may be a good time to look into the dictionary definition of the word. To persuade you will be expected to convince the reader that your way of thinking is correct even if they believed something different originally.

Expand your criteria to include non-essay examples

There have been exceptional examples of persuasive speech in books, articles and other sources. By expanding your search to include these you will be able to benefit from many other sources of work that can also augment your own.

Ask your professor to see a few

Most educational professionals are impressed by the best examples of writing they come across and save these for future reference. It would be a good idea to ask to see a few of these to review and learn from.

Ask your friends who are good writers

Look at your friends critically. Are you one of the weakest links or the strongest? If you are one of the strongest then you may not realize that one of your peers has bested you in this respect but it is still a good idea to look into their capabilities. If you are one of the weakest you can easily see how to benefit from looking at their work.

Search the web

There are many sources of information online. A good web search can lead you to the sample section of a writing site which may contain all sorts of essays, not just what you are looking for. You may even come across the work of an amateur writer who is looking for critiques. Anything is possible.

Ask a librarian

Most libraries have sections that are devote to writing resources so that students can benefit from them. The fastest way to find this is to ask the library staff or the librarian in particular. Once pointed in the right direction you can help yourself.

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