A Short Introduction To Expository Essay Writing

A lot of students initially go into their studies with the misguided notion that papers of this nature are all the same. They don’t appreciate that there are numerous different formats and styles. Then when they are faced with this revelation they are completely thunderstruck. So, before I offer up my advice, it would be helpful to first of all establish exactly what this involves.

An expository paper explained

In some ways this is a very straightforward paper to write. You are not required to have an opinion. All that you need to do is present the information in a clear, unbiased way. If you are scientifically minded or driven by facts then this will be music to your ears. If on the other hand, you are more creatively minded then you may need to reign your desire to embellish in.

Your introduction

Unlike a lot of papers, with this style, this is critical to the overall success or failure of the paper. You need to lay out your thesis, or argument in a clear and concise manner. No waffle. I would suggest that you rework this several times before submitting for assessment.

Main body

Forget the notion that this needs to be a long, drawn out affair. Most essays will have just three paragraphs in their main body. Aim to cover a different point in each paragraph.


All you are looking for is one, well-written paragraph that successfully sums up the mood and tone of the whole piece. There is absolutely no scope here for the weaving in of any new material.


As I have already alluded to, revision is key. With the best will in the world you are not going to get a tight, well-crafted piece on the first draft. You may need to revise and re-draft five, or six times before you come up with something that is worthy of your name. Do not see this as wasted time, see it instead as time well-spent polishing your work. You may need to include other bits of information. If that is the case make sure that they go either into the main body.

Linking paragraphs

Remember to use good, well-thought out joining words to link your paragraphs seamlessly. The last thing you want is for your paper to come across as being in some way robotic or mechanical.

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