Composing An Interesting Essay About Physical Education

Physical Education is an important subject at school. In many parts of the world, it forms as a compulsory subject that all students have to participate in. You can compose many interesting essays on these subjects, as it is so widely taught, and most of the population has personal experience being a part of the physical education classroom.

Essay Topics

Physical Education teaches a variety of topics to children, and the impact and importance of physical education is much debated in the media and in society. Here are a few interesting topics you can put in to you physical education essay:

  • Should physical education be compulsory for students?
  • What is the impact of physical education on rising obesity rates amongst children in many parts of the world?
  • How to balance the physical aspects of physical education with theory?
  • Is it up to the State to decide which sports are taught in lessons or up to schools?
  • Should there be more physical education lessons in schools?
  • Should gym form a part of the physical exercise curriculum?
  • Should weight lifting be taught to children?
  • The health impact of physical education in later adult life?
  • Does physical education encourage children to be active outside of school?
  • How can children with disabilities participate in such lessons?

These are all interesting topics, which can look at physical education from many different aspects from the theoretical to the practical.

Composing the Essay

When composing an essay on physical education, it will be best to compare the theoretical viewpoint with the physical ones, as well as clearly listing pros and cons for each point you make. It will also be important to add statistics to back up your views, such as that the rate of obesity in the United States amongst children aged 6-11 is 18%. Such statistics add a lot of strength to your argument and your point of view. You can find such statistics in public library books on the subject, as well as online sources such as educational websites or academic papers. Recent news articles from reputable newspapers can also bolster your essay and make your essay stronger. Many of the interesting topics suggested also have a lot to fo with legislation, so you can definitely use online sources to see the law regarding physical education in certain countries, and put this into your essay as well. For more information on how to write an interesting essay about physical education, visit this site.

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