Selecting An Essay Writing Company: 7 Rules For Newbies

Whether you’re a company or an indolent student trying to avoid exerting any reasonable effort on doing your homework, we’re here to help you find the right essay writing company without leaving with a hole in your wallet. Below are qualities that you should be looking for when browsing companies.


  • Non-Plagiarism: This is a crucial policy that a good website must follow. You wouldn’t want to pay for a 400-page article that then turns out to comprise Wikipedia and E-how notes that you could have had the pleasure of copying and pasting yourself without costing yourself a dime. If you’re going to pay for one, it needs to be authentic.
  • Refunds: This isn’t something you need to look for because you have the intention to ask for your money back, but it does help assure you that the company will do its best for that not to happen, which in turn means your essay will most likely leave you content.
  • Free editing: You definitely need to find a company who won’t take your money, then throw your requested orders at you without making sure you’re completely satisfied with them. That being said, the companies that offer free editing are usually those you won’t have to ask to do any editing to begin with.

Customer Service:

  • Swift responses: See if the writing agency has a live chat available or if they respond to their emails quickly. It does not only show that they’re interested in their potential customers, but it also shows that they’re not a budget company that has few people hired to help you and thereby possibly recruits unprofessional writers.
  • Informative: If you have asked them a load of questions and they only seem to answer a few of them, this should leave you a little skeptical, and you should be browsing other options.

The essays:

  • Eloquent: When you first receive what you requested you will need to do some quick skimming first to see if you’re generally satisfied. It is not difficult to tell if it was professionally written or not. This includes proper syntax and punctuation. If you’re a student, and they seem too professional to be believable, you can either add your own touch or ask them to simplify it.
  • Delivered on time: Most writing services will deliver on time, but if time is crucial for you, it is important to stress on how it cannot be late if it that would negatively affect your project. Don’t be shy to be too demanding. It’s your way to get a bang for your buck.

Remember to be as specific as you possibly can when making your order and never be too shy to ask a lot of questions. We hope you found our tips helpful!

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