Extreme Islam

Many have heard the terminology “extreme Islam”, especially in modern times with the political uproar. Extreme Islam is what is referred to as a radical practicing Muslim. As an Islamic extremist, these types of followers profess the same type of unshakable honorability and faith to their deity, they practice and follow militant and activist prone ideologies, usually prone to be harshly political. In extreme Islam, people seek to convert people to become believers of the Muslim faith in a worldwide stance.

Islam extremism is not a newfound concept, as it actually dates back into the seventh century. However, in modern time, extreme Islam has become a world-wide concern for those outside of the Islamic and predominantly Islamic nations. In extreme Islam, those who practice this type of political affiliated religion seek ultimately to promote adherence to Islam often through violence via their fundamentalist view of Islam. Many people interested in politics and those who follow sociopolitical practices urge people to consider that there is no concrete “extreme Islam” as there also is no “moderate Islam”, however in current times, it is difficult to persuade many and argue that viewpoint.

Islamic extremists essentially seek to promote the growth of their following by any means necessary, which often exclusively involved violence and mass murder on communities and people. The term for this is caliphate, which is a type of Islamic government where the leader is a caliph. A caliph is a person of serious dominance and power, considered to be the leader of the Muslim community overall. Those who deny or refuse their religion, or their sharia law, must suffer through their contempt usually through practice of severe violence.

While the concept of extreme Islam, or radical Islam is not a newfound concept, the term most visibly came to light across the world after the happenings of September 11th, 2001, referred to as “9/11” when the famous Twin Towers were attacked by Islamic terrorists. The suicide attacks were not taken lightly, as the Twin Towers were and still are considered to be major United States landmarks. An estimated 2,977 people were killed during these attacks, only under twenty of them being hijackers themselves. After such events have occurred, and those most recently in Paris, France, many people have their guards up and have a considerable and understandable fear for their safety and lives. During such extreme times, it’s important to be well-informed and remain logical about prominent political affairs which in result may directly affect the quality of life we may live.

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