Essay Writing Skills: How To Compose A Brilliant Paper Without Any Trouble

A well-written paper is a chance to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding of the topic, critical thinking abilities, and writing skills. Most students underestimate this chance and approach the task unprepared. They pay attention to irrelevant things, skip important stages of the writing process, and create poorly written texts as a result. However, the process of composing an essay may be easy and effective, if everything is well-organized from the first until the last stage. Take the following steps, and it won’t be troublesome to create a brilliant paper.

  • Analyze your assignment.
  • Read an assignment carefully and try to understand what you are asked to do. What kind of essay is it going to be? What are the questions? Do you know the answers? Are there any specific requirements as to the number of words and formatting?

  • Make a rough outline.
  • Brainstorm and write down all points that should be covered in your paper. Be sure to answer questions from your assignment. Take a position on the issue.

  • Conduct research.
  • Read some information on your topic. Your task is to gather enough evidence and details to support your position. Refer to reputable sources only.

  • Write your final outline.
  • Gather all materials together and decide on the order of your arguments and how your essay is going to develop.

  • Compose a first draft of your essay.
  • To be more effective, start with the body of your paper. Include not only supporting evidence on the issue, but your personal opinions as well. Don’t deviate from your thesis statement. Pay close attention to your introduction and conclusion. Write in simple words. Avoid using lengthy sentence constructions. Keep your reader in mind and make your essay easy to read.

  • Take a pause.
  • As soon as your first draft is completed, put it off for several hours or even days. This trick will allow you to look at your essay with fresh eyes and see all the mistakes and incongruities that cannot be seen at the moment.

  • Edit your paper.
  • Are you satisfied with the result? Do all your arguments support your thesis statement? Should the order of some points be changed? Would some other words be more appropriate in this situation? Make corrections if necessary.

  • Ask your friend to proofread, or use software to check for mistakes.
  • It often happens that you don’t notice some obvious mistakes. Ask someone to revise your paper, or look for some free checking programs on the Web.

  • Congratulations! Your brilliant essay is ready. Don’t forget to submit it on time.

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