How To Compose An Introduction To A Profile Essay On Cinema Studies

First of all, know exactly what is being asked of you in the assignment. A profile essay is about a person, place or event. It’s more than merely a description. It should take into account the interpretation of the writer. This is a subjective style of writing. Cinema studies is also known as film studies and is a discipline that deals with various aspects of cinema, such as theory, history and critical approaches. Once you are confident you know what the assignment entails and have narrowed down a topic, it’s time to start working on the introduction.

An effective introduction for your paper would contain specific general elements common to all good introductory paragraphs. The following points will give you some guidance for you to begin writing.

  • The first paragraph is the best chance to make a good first impression. This is an essential element of a great essay. It shouldn’t be too long or short, and the first sentence should really grab and pique the reader’s attention. You could use an interesting quotation, relevant fact, or even ask a question.
  • The first sentence also leads the reader into the next three or four sentences, which tells them what you will be talking about in the body of the paper. It should be like a summary of the three or four main points or main supporting evidences of your thesis statement.
  • The thesis statement is what ties your paper to the topic you are writing about. Your entire essay hangs on that sentence. It is usually located at the very end of the introductory paragraph.
  • Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention.
  • It should provide informative sentences to build up to the thesis statement.
  • It should include the thesis statement.
  • The first sentence is considered a hook because it should grab and hang onto the reader. It’s your first real chance to show your reader you are clever and your written work is irresistible. You could state a surprising fact. One that makes your reader yearn to know more.
  • Curiosity works really well as a hook. When people get curious, they want answers. They will keep reading to get those answers. A definition also works, especially if it provides some information the reader can’t help but find intriguing.
  • Anecdotes also work well as opening sentences in an introduction.

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