Top 28 College Application Essay Topics To Increase Your Chances Of Success

When students apply for entering colleges, they should write application essays besides other activities. A well-written paper can increase your chances to achieve your goal. What topics are good to write about in this situation? Look at the list of application essay topics in this article and you’ll know what to write in your own paper.

  1. An unsuccessful experience in achieving your goals and lessons you’ve learned from it.
  2. A situation when you had to choose between risking and playing safe.
  3. A piece of literature that had a strong influence on your worldview.
  4. A significant experience that changed your life.
  5. A reason that caused you to chose this particular college.
  6. Your plans on life after your graduation.
  7. A long-term goal that you’re going to achieve in your life.
  8. A moment in your life that you’d like to change.
  9. Reasons for this college to choose you and not some other student.
  10. A unique skill that differentiates you from other people.
  11. Interesting tasks that you’ve accomplished and are proud of that have nothing to do with education.
  12. A person from a human history with whom you’d like to talk.
  13. An animal that you’d like to be if you weren’t a human.
  14. A time period in the history of Earth that you’d like to travel to.
  15. The best advice that you’ve ever received and the person who gave it.
  16. The most significant social movement of the past century.
  17. An advice that you’d give to a student who only starts studying at high school.
  18. An additional question to your college admission form and a good answer on it.
  19. A quotation that describes you very well and reveals your true nature.
  20. The influence of your neighborhood on your development as a person.
  21. A passage from your imaginary autobiographical book.
  22. The invention that had the most positive or the most negative impact on human civilization.
  23. Things that you’d do and you wouldn’t do if you were a telepath.
  24. A story that demonstrates your personality.
  25. An embarrassing moment from your life and lessons you’ve learned from it.
  26. An ethical dilemma that always bothers you.
  27. A global issue that you’re concerned about.
  28. A fictional character that had a great impact on you.
  29. You may write about one of these application essay topics in your own paper or use them as inspiration to come up with a brilliant idea of your own.

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