Black Swan Movie

Black swan movie is a powerful emotional horror film unfolding the metamorphosis of a ballet dancer. Behind the weird portico of the movie lies an insightful annotation which outlines the cost of celebrity, artistic sacrifices and the unknown forces behind the high-stakes of entertainment in the shady world. The movie was directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The black swan film is about a ballerina, Nina whose life is fully involved in ballet. In the beginning, the company where Nina was working began preparations to unlock the trading term with Swan Lake. Swan Lake has a history just as any other ballet dance. Swan Lake about a nice and pure girl fascinated in a body of swan and true love can break the spell.

The Queen of Swan

Nina is given the role of the Queen of the Swan. However, Swan Queen Role requires a ballet who can act both the Black and White Swan. The White Swan is characterized by control of epitome, innocence and grace. In contrast, in the Black Swan, the dancer is expected to loss inhibition and dance freely.

Nina is naturally a white swan, while in the film she also acts as the Black Swan which is her dark side. As a result, Nina develops both black and white personality traits of a Swan. The sense of fictions and reality in Nina started to become foggy. Nina started was hallucinating and seeing things which were not real. Many could think she was schizophrenic.

Black Swan role is completely the opposite of the White Swan role. Nina naturally fits well in the White Swan role but struggles a lot with the Black Swan role. Unfortunately, Nina had very difficult time in attempt to make herself be what she was not in reality.

Ballerinas Difficult Lifestyle

Nina drew out the hard life of a ballerina. Nina had been dancing and training throughout her life with a goal of becoming the leading dancer. The ballerinas challenging lifestyles are vividly portrayed in various scene of the movie.

There various scene of the film that depicts how little food is taken in the morning. This shows the challenges that ballerinas undergoes in order to achieve and maintain the typical slander physique of the dancers. Furthermore, the ballet shoes were adjusted exactly fit the feet of the dancer. This enabled the ballet dancer to perfectly dance while on their toes.

The struggles of the dancers are as well portrayed in the film. The nature of competition among the dancers resulted to desperations. In the movie, the dancers did everything they could in order to scope the leading position.

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