Helpful Instructions For Writing An Argumentative Essay About Abortion

The issue of abortion is an argument by itself, its really not necessary to make a new debate out of it, yet, because of the nature of the subject, it is the perfect type for an argumentative essay. There are many angles this argument could take and these can be exploited to present the strongest case to your audience.

When writing an argumentative essay, one hopes to establish their point of view on the matter by providing the reader with information to support your stance. This can be done by various methods but the most reliable is simply to have the supporting information without attempting to cloud the issue. The following points will provide you with helpful instructions for writing an argumentative essay about abortion:

  1. Title
  2. Abortion is a touchy topic for many while some really don’t see what all the fuss is about, as a result, there are various angles from which you could approach this subject. A good strategy is to stick to popular, recent topic trends, capturing the attention of your readers easier.

  3. Strong hypothesis
  4. As this debate goes, everyone has a different view but there are really only two choices, pro or against. Do a little research and find the strongest arguments presented by both sides, from these, you have the raw materials to form a thought provoking hypothesis.

  5. Evidence to support you view
  6. Anyone can have an opinion but only proven opinions can become facts and this is what you wish to achieve. Conduct the necessary research required to support your hypothesis and ensure you do so using accepted methods.

  7. Evidence to support opposing views
  8. No argument can have one side and you must do your best to also present the views of persons that don’t support your stance. This can be done quite easily as there is no shortage of information concerning this debate. Always make sure that any information used is properly referenced and accurately quoted.

  9. Comparison
  10. Now that you have gathered information supporting both sides of the story, select an effective method of comparing these opposing views. For this stage, it would be helpful to have a qualified peer assist you, to help eliminate your biases as you perform your analysis.

  11. Conclusion
  12. At the end of every good paper is a conclusion and you want yours to be as indisputable as possible. To help accomplish this, only formulate a conclusion that is fully supported by information presented in your paper.

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