Crafting A Literary Essay Thesis – Free Tips And Examples

Many students struggle with trying to figure out how to effectively design a literary essay and the thesis for this essay. That is why I decided to give you the information that you need to successfully craft the thesis. These tips and examples will help you write an effective paper.


When you are creating a literary analysis, you will write it like any other paper and that means you need a thesis statement that captures the main point of your paper. By following these tips, you will be able to successfully complete this section of your paper.

  • The thesis statement is not a question.
  • The thesis statement is not an observation that you made from reading the piece.
  • The thesis statement will state the main point of the article.
  • It is a single sentence summary of the entire piece.
  • It introduces the main idea.
  • It is designed to analyze the text in terms of literary elements

A great way to really understand how to write this type of paper is to get an example. Here are some really great places to find solid examples.

Professional writing sites

These sites use examples to promote their services. You can get a sample that has been written and edited by a professional. Read through the sample to see how the writer developed the ideas. Locate the thesis. Now look at how the thesis captures that essence of the piece. The rest of the paper should prove the thesis statement.

Instructional sites

These how-to sites are very useful. They are designed to show you step-by-step how to complete the paper. Notice how the thesis is developed. Take your time and develop a thesis that states the main point that your paper is trying to prove. There are usually sample papers that you can use to get an idea of how to properly set up and present your ideas. The thesis is usually located at the end of the introduction and before the body of the paper. Each of the body paragraphs are designed to prove the thesis statement.

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