The History Of Your Hometown

When I think of the earliest impression of my early life, the result has always been amazing and unfathomable. There is a lot that had happened in my hometown before I came to be. Well, there is always a beginning and as far as people can remember, they can always tell something about their origins and backgrounds. The main thing concerning a home town is in its randomness nature. There is a high chance that I would have been born in a completely different family in a somewhat different town in a different nation. At times, I ponder over how lucky it is to have come to life rather than complaining about being born to a Romanian peasant or maybe coming from one of the roots in Rio de Janeiro in the streets. Well, today I have something to tell about where I come from and the things that define my home town.

I was born in the Maywood village in Illinois. At the Melrose Park hospital is where I was born, still in Illinois. The hospital is next to Chicago suburb that is notorious for its association to The Mob. Maywood was the place to be most times. This was a village that is defined as a home-rule firm of Illinois that was planned back in 1881. The Maywood community got its name from May who was the departed daughter of William T. Nichols. The father to May was the founder of Maywood. Nichols was a Colonel who represented the state and was once a Senator of the Rutland County. Therefore, you cannot talk of my hometown without defining the things that Colonel Nichols was involved in or the things that happened during his time because they still define Maywood.

In the company of six others, Nichols arrived at Illinois in 1868 and founded the Maywood business that would later become a village for settlers. The village is surrounded by large tracts of farmland where the Maywood Company built homes of that time – American Foursquare, some embroidered using a few touches from the Victorian style that dominated during that time. Therefore, what started as a company later went through a complete change into a village where many generations would call a home. It is the place I have known for some time and the story goes on and on with new people and other changes taking place from time to time.

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