How To Make Your 9th Grade History Expository Essay Standout

Writing a stand out expository essay needs to include all important elements in it. A perfect composition is the one where you describe, explain and provide information about the topic in such a way that everything is crisp and clear. Make sure that you are not biased while giving your opinion. Do not pre-assume anything about the audience and start from the very scratch.

Furthermore, following are some other important elements of a stand out writing

  • Planning: Think for your objective as in why you are writing. Jot down all the important points and the guidelines of your instructor. Planning includes planning for the research work, the books and other resources to be covered, deadline etc.
  • Who your audience is? It is necessary that the demands of the audience are met. Think if it is a class assessment or you are writing for a magazine or you are supposed to write an informative content or content filled with laughter.
  • Jot down what comes in your mind: It will help in proper organization. Make a list, ask yourself questions, cluster your thoughts or go for free writing for at least 10 minutes.
  • Prepare an outline: It will help in organizing your thoughts and providing direction to the thoughts further. Figure out if some points are missing and can be introduced.
  • Find appropriate resources: Ask your professor for the type of resources relevant for the writing. It will be in the form of trustworthy websites, articles in newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals etc. You should consult your professors for credibility, authors and their credentials, references chosen etc.
  • Prepare the notes as you read the sources: Highlight the significant information. Make a note of references used, work cited page etc.
  • Do not lose the focus: Your claim should always be argumentative.
  • Proper introduction: The engaging sentence hits directly on the topic. The introduction part should act as a preview of the essay. Offer relevant background in the initial phase.
  • Write chief points: Think for the number of the paragraphs to be introduced based on the total word count of the essay.
  • Topic sentence: Start the paragraph with the topic word or sentence. Elaborate the topic with evidences. Analyze the significance of the supporting evidences.
  • Conclusion: Make a proper transition and sum up all your points. Restate everything that you have explained in shortest possible way.

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