Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer was a human rights activist in the USA during the sixties and seventies. She is best known for her promotion of black civel rights and especially their right to vote. She was fearless in her campaign and won the favour of many people—including whites who supported her cause. Even after facing much adversity, Hamer maintained her course for justice and is today fondly remembered as someone who played a large part in ending racial discrimination during that time.

Hamer’s no-fear approach to human rights

There was a way Fannie Lou Hamer reasoned about how blacks were being treated in America during those times. She said that standing up for the rights of black Americans would probably lead to her death. However she did not fear this end because she felt she was slowly dying anyway because of the way her and her peers were being treated. She therefore decided to make a stand and confront the issue, demanding the end of racism that America so desperately needed.

A maternal figure among many

There was a motherly presence maintained by Fannie Lou Hamer. This demeanour drew people towards her and she gained a lot of popularity from people of all races in America. Hamer also sang hymns during activist events and maintained a spiritual atmosphere in her civil rights struggle. Her actions were a testament to the righteousness and validity of her cause because she never used or promoted violence to further her agenda.

Getting up after severe torture

There’s no way around the fact that Fannie Lou Hamer and some of her companions were brutally tortured for their beliefs in civil rights. In 1963 Hamer and her companions were unfairly arrested and thrown into jail. During this time police officers beat her and her companions individually and Hamer was almost killed because of the incident. It took her a month to recover but Hamer did not give up on her cause. She continued to fight for civil rights right up until the seventies and her contribution has made a world of difference in the US.

The after effects of the civil rights movement in America is evident in today’s society. African Americans are allowed to vote and have equal opportunities in the job environment. Fannie Lou Hamer played a significant role in this part of US history and her sacrifice and hard work will be remembered going forward.

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