Petroleum Industry

Petroleum and other oil crude oil based products are widely used in most societies in the world. Great calamity and economic crippling can plague many countries if this industry were to fail and the very way of modern life would be adversely affected. Before the great nations started to use this industry to provide for most of their energy needs, vehicular usage of all types, production of agricultural fertilizers and general packaging for goods, they used coal, steam, wind, water and to some degree, sunlight. Research is still being done to develop these previously used sources of energy into other economically viable alternatives that companies can reintegrate or substitute for this dominating method.

Despite the pollution and other recognized and acknowledged negative byproducts of using crude oil in this manner and rate, it seems like the majority of the world either prefers this non-renewable source of energy to others or they find it too costly to change. Some say that a change in technology this extreme can also change many peoples way of life and recreational nuances. There exist also some people who care not for the environment or the health of other living organisms therefore, they would rather continue to expand on current and theoretical technologies that hinge on petroleum.

On the other hand there are people who are concerned by the enormous divergence in commonalities many people would be faced with if the petroleum industry would suddenly collapse. They state that products like plastic bottles, locomotive parts, medical equipment and clothing would suffer seeing that these and many other items of everyday life will swiftly become expensive which could send the economy of countries into inflation or deflation. This industry generates millions of dollars every year and it can significantly increase the GDP of a nation that is involved at any stage. Finally, there are people who are gravely concerned about the damage being done to the layers of the earth by the drilling and general change in pressure as the crude oil is extracted. These people focus on the ever present threat of natural disasters like earthquakes that may be catalyzed by mans’ interference of the planet.

The companies that implore current industrialization standards and techniques are also encouraged to locate and extract oil as it is a necessary facet of this stage in man’s progress into the next frontier, space. The understanding they work with is that before the planet’s oil reserves run dry, mankind would have already adapted to a new way of life.

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